Kevin & Megan McKay – Owners of McKay Cartage Enhance Fleet with the New T410 Kenworth Legend SAR Special Edition fitted with TRT’s Traction Air CTI System.

9 November 2023
Mckay Cartage Hero

McKay Cartage proudly shows the Traction Air CTI (Central Tyre Inflation) system on their brand-new T410 Kenworth Legend SAR Special Edition.

Kevin's journey in the trucking industry spans a lifetime, giving him invaluable insights and expertise. He is now geared up to tackle the colossal road maintenance requirements of the forestry sector, particularly in the challenging terrain of the East Coast region. Armed with his fleet of tippers, Kevin's operations extend across the steep and demanding landscapes of this part of the country.

The Traction Air CTI system offers a multitude of benefits, for Kevin's operation:

1.     Improved Traction: Navigating the terrain of the East Coast becomes less daunting with the improved traction provided by the Traction Air system. This translates to enhanced control and stability for Kevin's trucks, even on the steepest of roads.

2.     Reduced Tyre Wear: The system's ability to adjust tyre pressure according to the terrain not only boosts performance but also extends the lifespan of the tires. Reduced wear and tear results in cost savings and reduced downtime for maintenance.

3.     Less Damage to Road Surfaces: With precise tyre pressure management, the Traction Air CTI system minimizes the impact of heavy vehicles on road surfaces. This means less wear on the roads Kevin maintains, reducing maintenance costs for local authorities.

4.     Greater Fuel Efficiency: Efficiently inflated tyres reduce rolling resistance, leading to improved fuel efficiency. This not only benefits Kevin's bottom line but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

5.     Enhanced Vehicle and Driver Safety: Safety is paramount in the trucking industry. The Traction Air CTI system enhances safety by ensuring optimal tyre pressure, reducing the risk of blowouts or loss of control, thereby safeguarding both vehicles and drivers.

McKay Cartage's investment in the Traction Air CTI system underscores their commitment to excellence and their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the forestry industry. Kevin's Kenworth, equipped with this cutting-edge technology, is set to make a positive impact on road maintenance in the East Coast region. As the industry continues to evolve, innovations like the Traction Air CTI system will play a pivotal role in improving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the trucking sector.

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