How Our System Works

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

TractionAir’s ECU9 is an 8-30V multi volt compact size measuring 120mm x 65mm x 36mm. USB capable; the ECU9 comes with simple management software and power spike protection to 160V. A dual pressure transducer system provides accuracy and safety coupled with enhanced air leak and puncture detection. Features include: Taps off alert, large easy to read LCD graphic display, adjustable backlighting and detent touch buttons for improved recognition.


GPS Speed Up

Introduced in February 2010, GPS Speed Up is at the cutting edge of CTI pneumatic control. In principle TractionAir™ uses a GPS receiver to measure the ground speed and match this to stepped pressure intervals, as the truck increases speed the system pumps itself up. This system provides peace of mind for the fleet owner knowing that the driver can no longer drive down the road with the tyre pressure at too lower setting for the speed of the vehicle. The system is fully programmable and can be set for fleet specific requirements and operational terrain.

  • Not wired into the vehicles speedo or wiring system.
  • GPS provides constant, accurate real time vehicle speed.
  • Small one off cost at the point of purchase for GPS receiver.
  • TractionAir GPS has no on-going cost.

Pressure Cell

The most visible innovation of TractionAir™ is the Pressure Vessel, a one piece pneumatics and air reservoir enclosure. Constructed in aluminium, the G5 “dual transducer” Pressure Vessel replaces the separate Pressure Cell and Air tank utilised on TRT’s earlier TractionAir systems. Measuring just 230mm wide x 320mm high the Pressure Vessel mounts vertically by a robust mounting bracket affording greater flexibility with mounting options.

Wheel Ends & Truck Plumbing

TractionAir™ G5 and later series CTI Systems provide simple pneumatic circuit design reducing installation and maintenance. Modular assembly makes TractionAir™ the first true ‘plug and play CTI System.

TractionAir™ Compact CTI Rotors are suitable for all conventional Alloy Axle Bridges with 5/8 UNF thread and feature: full stainless centre shaft & compression spring, twin dual contact fully sealed heavy duty bearings.  Tungsten carbide & carbon seal facings and contaminant deflector shield "Patent Pending".