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Established in 1967, TRT has accumulated a wide range of engineering skills and expertise within the Construction and Road Transport Industries. A privately owned family business, TRT has built its reputation on innovation, engineering design expertise and exceeding customer demands.

Certified under ISO 9001:2008, TRT has over 170 staff working within four integrated businesses: Manufacturing Engineering, Truck and Trailer Parts, Mechanical Service and Crane. With modern purpose built facilities of over 7,500 square metres in Hamilton and a branch in Auckland supporting sales activity across New Zealand and Australia.

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    TIDD Crane Distributor RMB Service Group enjoying success with the TIDD Articulating Cranes in South Australia.....

  • TIDD Crane Distributors & Finance

    TIDD Crane Distributors & Finance

    TRT announces New Distribution Network and Finance Options for TIDD Crane......

  • New Release - TractionAir Compact CTI Rotator

    New Release - TractionAir Compact CTI Rotator

    "Heavy Duty" Extended Life CTI Rotator to suit conventional "Cast Alloy" axle bridges. This suits most competitor and early version......

  • Widening Stool

    Widening Stool

    For trailers such as the axle widening quad there has always been one drawback; skidding tyres across the road surface when the trailer is widened. To address this issue, TRT introduce ‘the widening stool’......

  • TIDD CRANE - The world’s safest articulating crane

    TIDD CRANE - The world’s safest articulating crane

    With an opportunity in the market for an articulating crane designed with safety first; TRT introduce the TIDD PC25 a compact 25tonne capacity Articulating Crane......

  • TIDD PC25 Performance and Safety

    TIDD PC25 Performance and Safety

    With its unique integral ROPS Frame Cab (innovation patent 2012100993) the TIDD PC25 Pick and Carry Crane meets industry demand with performance and safety features not previously available......

  • Mega Mover System

    Mega Mover System

    Moving a 580t excavator is no small task. Generally a purpose-build Mine Site Trailer and Haul Truck is used. This equipment is a huge investment, usually with a low utilisation. The TRT Mega Mover System (patent pending) was conceived to permit moving of the complete machine without the need for dismantling. Employing two TRT Ultra Heavy Duty 9 Line Platform Trailers in tandem gives the Mega Mover System the capability of moving these immense loads......

  • Have You Got the BOOK?

    Have You Got the BOOK?

    Out now - our latest edition of TRT's Parts & Services Catalogue, request your copy today......