Mine Site Heavy Haul Trailers

Mine Sites have different requirements than those of standard road going heavy haul floats and low loaders. Aside from larger payloads; increased ground clearance and manoeuvrability are also of paramount concern to achieve productivity without compromising safety. With more than 40 years of experience designing heavy haul trailers for Mining Operations from Western Australia to Laos; when you choose TRT, you don’t just get our superior design and manufacturing capabilities, you also get our team’s depth of knowledge and our personal attention to answer your needs.

2x4 Mine Site Low Loader

The 3.4m fixed width 2x4 mine site trailer utilizes a TIDD™ Walking Beam suspension with Heavy Duty Rubber Bushes (no greasing requirement). Designed for 65t plus payloads, the 2x4 mine site trailer has an 1100mm deck travel height on Heavy Duty 20” BPW dual wheel axles and, ideal for this application, requires little maintenance.

  • 65t payload
  • TIDD™ Walking Beam Suspension
  • 20” heavy duty BPW Axles
  • Fully oscillating skid plate – 3-1/2” king pin


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4x4 Mine Site Low Loader

Designed to load a variety of plant up to 15m long with a 50t plus payload, this mine site float features a number of options that increase its versatility. Fitted with four 20” BPW Self centering steering axles this trailer is highly manoeuvrable and achieves a 1000mm deck height. Bi-fold ramps are designed to lay flat, effectively extending deck length and allowing long loads to load through.

  • 50t + payload
  • TIDD™ Double acting Hydraulic Suspension
  • 20” heavy duty BPW “LL” Steer Axles
  • Provision for 40ft Container

3x8 Mine Site Low Loader

Built on 20” wheel axles, this three rows of eight low loader is designed for manoeuvrability achieving a tight (9.9m) turning circle for better bridge approach from its shorter forward length. The 20” rubber achieves increased ground clearance and the TIDD™ double acting suspension can be operated by radio remote, benefiting safety and travel time.

  • 120t Payload
  • TIDD™ Double acting Hydraulic Suspension
  • 20” heavy duty BPW Axles
  • 1040mm travel height in Drop Well
  • Widens from 3.1m out to 4.5m
  • Rear Push Bar provision

4x8 Mine Site Low Loader

Designed for 200t payloads, this 4x8 Mine Site Float widens out from 3.2m to 5.0m and has a deck length of 11.8m. Deck travel height is 1250mm, the 220mm axle travel allows the deck to lower to 1150mm for loading.


5x8 Options designed for 250t Payload

  • TIDD™ Double acting Hydraulic Suspension
  • 20” heavy duty BPW Axles
  • 1040mm travel height in Drop Well
  • Widens from 3.2m out to 5.0m

Mega Mover Mine Site Systems

Transporting large plant such as Terex RH 340 Backhoes requires that the machine is disassembled before it can be moved. The TRT Mega Mover System utilises Multi-Line Platform Trailers Multi-Line Platform Trailers operated in tandem to transport a machine up to 600t as one piece. Tractive effort would be provided by a combination of Prime Movers pulling from the front and pushing at the rear, or from our TIDD Driven Dolly Prime Mover. Not only does the Mega Mover System provide a significant reduction in downtime for the machine, there is reduced demand on mechanical technicians’ time as well. Furthermore there is opportunity for Prime Movers and Platforms to operate individually for more normal heavy haul operations.

  • 600 tonne capacity
  • Breaks into 2 combinations for road going haulage
  • Fully maximise your investment
  • Shallow loading angles suit Wirtgen 4200 Surface Miners