Multi-line Platform Trailers


8x8 Multi-line Platform


8x8 Multi-line Platform

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8x8 Multi-line Platform with a load

IMG 6221 clean

8x8 Multi-line Platform with a load rear view

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8x9 Multi-line Platform

IMG 3298

8x9 Rear View Multi-line Platform

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8x9 Multi-line Platform

For payloads from 65 tonne

The high tensile steel construction provides a strong robust trailer that minimises the tare weight. Designed to steer both forward and backward, with all axles steering, our platform trailers are very manoeuvrable, despite their length and width.

The new Electonic Steering System is the latest heavy trailer technology from TRT, that gives this trailer unprecedented steering capability. See more of the great features below.

We also have a design option with no centre spine, which enables this platform to travel with a closed width of 3.1m for increased roadability.

Available in a range of axle configurations 6x8, 7x8, 8x8, 9x8 and larger.

TRT are able to manufacture to your required deck length to suit varied payloads. View the drawings, features, and specifications below. If you're not sure which option is best for your operation, use our Trailer Selector tool or get in touch with one of our team.

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8 x 8 Platform

Designed and built to carry 130t on-highway and up to 180t off-highway, the TRT 8-line model is a very adaptable unit suited to most heavy haulage moves. With features that include all axles capable of steering and a suspension that travels 650mm.

Designed to steer both forwards and backward, all axles are capable of steering. Suspension features include TIDD Doule Acting Hydraulic Suspension and EAC spherical suspension pivot bearings.

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9 x 8 Platform

With similar design features to the 8 line, the TRT 9-line platform low loader is an ultra heavy duty trailer, built for 130t on-highway and 250t off-highway.

In Mega Mover Mode, two of these 9 line platforms can be used in tandem for loads of up to 600t.

Designed to steer both forwards and backward, all axles are capable of steering. Suspension features include TIDD Double Acting Hydraulic Suspension and EAC spherical suspension pivot bearings.

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New - Electronic Steering System

For the ultimate manoeuvrability and control!

All axles are controlled through an electronic sensed steering system. Each axle will be controlled individually by a hydraulic ram that will ratio the correct steering angle in unison with all the trailers axles. 

The various trailers lengths are programmed into the system to optimize steering angles. In this mode, steering is controlled via the prime mover's 5th wheel with special wedge lock fitted. This electronic steering mode can also be manually overridden to allow the operator to power steer the trailer without using the signal from the prime mover's 5th wheel.

Axle Suspension

Axle and Suspension

TIDD Double acting suspension provides 650mm of stroke for each axle group. Fitted with our unique European Angular Contact Spherical Bearing, for long life. Any axle group can be stored and lifted independently at the touch of a lever.

The axle with 300 x 150 Brake ensures optimum performance and extended lining life.

Axle lift

Axle Lift

Any axle can be lifted independently with a simple touch of a lever. This can assist the operator when changing tyres, servicing or traveling over obstacles. The trailer can be manoeuvred into tight areas more easily with some axles lifted.

Built for the heavy loads

Built for the heavy loads

Constructed in Grade 80 Hi Tensile plate the extra deep coaming rail complete with doublers at each wheel cut out is built to minimize deflection. Plated in AR450 wear plate (1400mpa) over tje complete deck edge is welded to the coaming forming an 8mm lip. 

A formed coaming on the inside edge of the deck prevents buckling. A pre-camber is built into the Torsional Box Centre Spine, designed to be straight with 115tonne load over 5m length.  


Positive Steering

Two 6" High Capacity Double Acting Master Steer Rams at the skid plate linked to two 4" Slave Rams per side, ensuring positive steering. 

TRT Multi-Line Platforms are designed to steer both forwards and backwards when loaded to capacity. 

Ramp Module

Ramp Module

Designed to accommodate either Additional Clip On Axle Rows or Ramp Modules. This photo shows the platform set up with a standard heavy duty ramp module. 

Manufactured from Grade 80 Hi-Tensile Steel, the standard ramps are Double Acting Hydraulic, single fold. Plated in AR450 Wear plate with cleats fitted full width. 

Welded at 400mm staggered centres to avoid grouser hang up. Profiled holes reduce wind drag. Standard ramp dimension is 1140mm wide by 3.0m long with the inside edge gusseted to load light weight equipment.

Suspension TRAVEL

Suspension Travel

When traveling off-road or on undulating terrain, it is important that each wheel of the multiline platform is on the ground. The double-acting suspension has 650mm of travel adding much needed stability. Each axle is hydraulically linked ensuring that the load is shared.

IMG 4788


Fitted with a fully compensating hydraulic system, the TRT design Gooseneck allows the skid plate to move up and down automatically depending on the terrain.

Plumbed to an accumulator which takes all the shock and stress out of the complete combination in travel mode and allows constant weight on the drive axles during travel both On and Off Highway, achieving maximum traction.

It is supplied with a manual handle to adjust lift or lower the front of the trailer, due to deflection from the load, or to achieve more ground clearance on tight cambered terrain.

Watertank or Fire extinguisher

Water Tank or Fire Extinguisher

  • Water Tank
  • Fire Extinguisher
Adjustable skid plate

Adjustable Skid Plate


Title  Description  Download File 
8x8 Platform Specification  8x8 multi-line platform trailer specification (PDF)
  Drawing  8x8 multi-line platform trailer drawing (PDF)
8x9 Platform Specification  8x9 multi-line platform trailer specification (PDF)
  Drawing  8x9 multi-line platform trailer drawing (PDF)

For advice about the best platform trailer options, give Glen a call on 07 849 4839 for more information or a quote.