Widening Stool

July 2014
robionsions clear cut with shadow

For trailers such as the axle widening quad there has always been one drawback; skidding tyres across the road surface when the trailer is widened. To address this issue, TRT introduce ‘the widening stool’.

When the empty trailer is to be widened or closed up, the operator deploys the widening stool. Operated from the control station, the trailer hydraulics lower the stool to the ground and then lift the trailer onto it raising all the wheels off the ground. With the wheels raised the trailer can be widened or closed up without the wheels skidding across the road surface. Once the trailer is at the correct width, it can be hydraulically lowered off the stool and the stool lifted away to its stowed position.

“Fitting the widening stool to my new quad has made a real difference” say Chris Robinson of CJ Robinson Earthmoving, Coffs Harbour, NSW, “We can widen the quad without damaging newly sealed roads, our customers really like that!”

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