Grove GMK6220L All Terrain Crane

GMK6220L Front

GMK6220L - Front

GMK6220L hook

GMK6220L - Hook

GMK6220L Side

GMK6220L - Side

  • Year: 2003
  • Capacity: 220T
  • Fly Jib: 13-22m
  • Boom: 43m 
  • Distance: 71,187km

GMK6220L– The GMK6220L offers a 220-ton maximum capacity on six-axle carrier. The crane has a six-section boom, 13-22m Swingaway, ECOS, EKS4. Megatrak suspension & all wheel steering.


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GMK6220L 9403 Flyer

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GMK6220L Product Guide Metric

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